Every culture has a flood myth. Tales of catastrophic events ushering in a new age, and washing away the remnants of the previous world.  These stories have lined the pages of antiquity as far back as 5000 years. Though they have changed over time, they live immortal in the oral traditions, Grimoire, and fairy tales from the shores of West Africa to Ancient prefectures of Japan. 

In Aquarius the Book of Mer, Afua Richardson swims into the depths of the mermaid mythos with modern retellings, and colorful interpretations of some of the strangest and soggiest legends of human history not often resighted. From the master of the lake of Lake Biwa in Japan to the emerald hues of the Halfway people in Nova Scotia. Afua takes you from coast to coast in search of the stories of the water and how to heal the life blood of our mother earth, the ocean herself.

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Aquarius The Book Of Mer

Created by

Afua Richardson

Release Date

May 2018

11x14 Print

The Taisho Sanke Lithograph

signed by the artist

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