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Marvel Announces Black Panther World of Wakanda: Complex News


Marvel Comics

Release date

November 9th 2016


Cover Artist. Pencils Inks and Digital colors.
10 Pages interiors. "For the People" written by Yona Harvey

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Writer ROXANE GAY (Bad Feminst, Hunger) spins a Wakandan love story – its tenderness matched only by its brutality. You know them now as The Midnight Angels, but in this story they are just Ayo and Aneka, young women recruited to become Dora Milaje, an elite task force trained to protect the crown at all costs. What happens when your nation needs your hearts and minds, but you already gave them to each other? Illustrated by industry veteran ALITHA E. MARTINEZ (Iron Man, Black Panther).

In a special backup story, acclaimed poet YONA HARVEY (Hemming the Water) explores the true origins of The People’s mysterious leader Zenzi. Black Panther thinks he knows who Zenzi is and how she got her powers, but he only knows part of the story. Illustrated by AFUA RICHARDSON (All Star Batman, Genius).

Rated T


Layout done on Bristol,

Mechanical Pencil and felt tip pen


Adobe Illustrator  

Adobe Photoshop

Meet Team Wakanda

Roxane Gay and Yona Harvey are the 1st African American Female writers to create for Marvel. Meet the team who created this historical book.

Ta Nehisi Coates


Journalist, comic book writer, and educator. Coates is a national correspondent for The Atlantic, This Novel, 'Between the World and Me', was released in July 2015. It won the 2015 National Book Award for Nonfiction, and is a nominee for the Phi Beta Kappa 2016 Book Awards. He was the recipient of a ``Genius Grant`` from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation in 2015

Roxane Gay


Gay is a writer, professor, editor, and commentator, best known as the writer of the New York Times best-selling essay collection Bad Feminist (2014). She is also the author of the short story collection Ayiti (2011), the novel An Untamed State (2014), the short story collection Difficult Women (2017), and Hunger (2017) She is an associate professor of English at Purdue University, contributing opinion writer at The New York Times,`{`5`}` founder of Tiny Hardcore Press, essays editor for The Rumpus, and co-editor of PANK, a nonprofit literary arts collective.

Yona Harvey


poet and assistant professor at the University of Pittsburgh. She won the 2014 Kate Tufts Discovery Award.

Afua Richardson

Cover + Interior Artist

Illustrator, writer, singer-songwriter best known for her Reader's Choice Award-winning mini-series ' Genius' other works include Attack on Titan, All-Star Batman, Captain Marvel and Xmen 92

Alitha E. Martinez

Main Interiors

s a comic book artist best known for her work drawing for Marvel's Iron Man, NBC's Heroes, and DC's Batgirl.`{`1`}`

She co-created the Batgirl villain Knightfall in Batgirl #10 (August 2012). She helped create the artwork, including cover art, for the special commemorative issue of Riverdale by Archie Comics.

Tamra Bonvillain


Comic book colorist who has worked for Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse, Aftershock, Valiant, IDW, Boom, Dynamite, and more. Currently she is coloring Moon Girl, Devil Dinosaur, and Great Lakes Avengers for Marvel, and Doom Patrol for DC. She is the colorist for Angel Catbird at Dark Horse, written by novelist Margaret Atwood and illustrated by Johnnie Christmas. She has also worked with artist Greg Hildebrandt and Jean Scrocco at their business, Spiderwebart, and graduated from The Joe Kubert School in 2009. She was named one of the top colorists in the industry by both Comicosity and Comics Alliance in 2016.
Now A Major Motion Picture

In Theaters February 16th 2017

What They’re Saying

“Ayo and Aneka...Their story has been one of the most compelling things about Black Panther”

SyFy Wire

“Having such a diverse group of creators, particularly women, comes at an important time”

The New York Times

“"World Of Wakanda, has proven to be an even more dynamic, compelling read that not enough people are talking about."”

The AV Club

“This was an excellent creative team to give justice to the women of Wakanda and they have crafted something important in the context of comic and society”


“A strong accompaniment to one of the most engrossing runs on "Black Panther"”

Multivercity Comics

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